Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Confederate Trivia

Who was the worst dressed officer in the conflict?

Brig. Gen. William E. (Grumble) Jones, Confederacy. He dressed in jeans, hickory shirt and homespun coat.

When Gen. Robert E. Lee crossed the Pennsylvania line into the now ill fated Gettysburg venture, he had 51 generals among his ranks. How many generals after the battle did he return with?

Thirty-four, the rest were killed or captured

Confederate Captain Shade Wooten of the Twenty-seventh North Carolina regiment used the most primitive weapon in the Civil War on three occasions. What was it?

He threw dirt in the face of a would be assailant!

Besides having the enormous confidence of the Confederacy's president, what other possible advantage did Albert Sidney Johnston have in dealing with Davis?

Johnston had saved President Davis's life in the Mexican War

Trans-Mississippi . What was it?

A vast area west of the Mississippi River which included Missouri, Arkansas, western Louisiana, Texas and Indian Territory under command of Confederate Kirby Smith.

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