Sunday, March 25, 2007

Local Hero Saves Friend

Tom Morphew and his loyal companion Leonard Hartsfield went on the tremendously taxing tactical at Shiloh! Sometime during the the confusion...Leonard attempted a creek crossing. He slipped and fell in with a huge splash! The water was COLD. Much to his surprise he could not rise up from the water no mater how hard he tried! His feet were trapped under some underwater brush!!! Leonard splashed about vainly trying to save himself. Visions of a watery grave flashed before his eyes! Not to worry Leonard...Tom has spied your predicament! Tom, without regard for his personal safety plunged in the freezing water and came to Leonards rescue! Col Sanders who had heard the screams for help...had jumped his horse back across the creek and charged headlong in the bushes that were so thick that a dog would have to back up to bark! He arrived just in time to see Toms act of heroism. Now Leonard owes Tom...big time. It makes one proud to be a part of a group of "brothers" such as these! Too bad we dont have medals that could be awarded.


preston Ware said...

Sounds like this story has been enhanced somewhat!

preston Ware said...

The way I heard it, Leonard was not in any danger of dying...he just wet his trousers. Imean got his trousers wet.

1stSgt "P" said...

I think that he knew his 1stSgt had more than one pair of socks. Then he said " Hey watch this"