Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Confederate Roll Call

Here is an old print of the roll call as an artist remembered it. Cool... see they got up BEFORE the sun was up.
One can buy this print at All

When not in battle, which was at least three quarters of the time, the average soldier's day began at 5 A.M. in the summer and 6 A.M. in the winter, when he was awakened by reveille. After the first sergeant took the roll call, the men ate breakfast then prepared for their first of as many as five drill sessions during the day. Here the men would learn how to shoot their weapons and perform various maneuvers. Drill sessions lasted approximately two hours each and, for most men, were exceptional exercises in tedium. One soldier described his days in the army like this: "The first thing in the morning is drill. Then drill, then drill again. Then drill, drill, a little more drill. Then drill, and lastly drill."

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1stSgt "P" said...

I hate to be drilled early in the morning, unless you are the one drilling.