Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sgt P.L makes a Medical Card

the good Sgt PL in his quest to care for us....has created a medical card that should be completed and placed behind your tins in your cartridge box. This simple act could save your life. I had a situation at a national event where one of ours passed out and we didnt have any medical information or the ability or knowledge to call his wife! Fill em out. Preston

I have a medical form that I will be passing out to each of our guys in the 3rd and 2nd. It is very important that you fill this out and place this in your cartridge box. I had one the 3rd Ark had a long time ago,I thought it was a good idea then, & I think it is a good idea now. This could save your life. I will make it a requirement for you to have this on you at each event. Not only as your 1stSgt but as an old ex paramedic/ current for the last time EMT I don't want just be standing there like a dummy when I can get to the information and pass it to the medical personel.

1stSgt "P"

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