Sunday, March 25, 2007

More 3rd Ark Veterans graves listed

If someone gets the opportunity, it would sure be nice to have photos of these veterans that Josh and Bryan located for us.

Dear Mr. Ware,

Josh Williams and I were visiting the Tulip Cemetery on Tuesday, and came across a 3rd Arkansas Grave. There are actually 2 stones, although none are the military markers. We did not have a camera with us at the time and do not have a photo to send.

Main Stone:
James H. Kelly
Nov 15 1836 June 23 1917
[unreadable inscription]
"While the Earth Remaineth
See time and Harvest Shall not cease"

Foot Stone [small, modern square stone laying flat and in the ground]:
James W. Kelley
Pvt Co. I 3 Ark Inf
Confederate States of America
Nov 16 1836 Jun 22 1917

To reach the cemetery, Take Arkansas HWY 9 to Tulip. There will be a sign on the highway to direct you to the cemetery. Driving south into Tulip, the cemetery will be on the right. Driving North into Tulip, the cemetery will be on the left. Follow the road, and when it forks, take the left fork, you will be able to see the cemetery from the fork. The cemetery will be located behind the Tulip Methodist Church. When you walk into the cemetery, the stone will be several rows ahead on the right side.


Bryan D. McDade
Historic Washington State Park

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