Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Return of the Leonard

Leonard Hartsfield has been away...far away in Tennessee. But he has seen the light and decided to pack up the fami-lee to move back to Gods country...good ol Rackinsac. He will move to Helena first. Then when his house is sold in Tennesse he will begin looking for a new home somewhere north of Conway. There is some pretty country up there. I remember we did a reenactmet at Wooly Hollow up there once and it was beautiful. I guess we will begin seeing more of ol "BULL". hmmm. I wonder how he got that nickname...even Col Sanders calls him that.

Leonard has been responsible for many "sayings" that run rampant in the 3rd. Like..."what de other one is?", "I dun been sconed","is i'm lyin?", "cant make no noise" and the famous "dun burnt up now".

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