Sunday, March 25, 2007

Morphew Curse

Colonel Sanders had mentioned the "Morphew Curse" in what I thought was jest, several times on our (Col,Tom, and Preston) trek toward Shiloh 07. He spoke in hushed tones about that everytime Tom rides with an unfortunate victim his transportation mysteriously breaks down and you are STRANDED!!! He mentioned a $2,000 transmission and stranded in Forrest City! A perfectly good tailgate was ripped from its hinges on Gen Huckabees fine truck at Corinth when Tom and his cohorts rode on it! Stranded-Prestons car blew a wheel bearing in Conway! He intimated that many more such occurances were still untold.

Sure enough, we had only been onsite for a few hours when Col Sanders horse trailer door flew open when he was taking it to the parking area and was unfixably bent! After the event, Col Sanders went to pickup his truck and the left rear tire was "flatter then a fritter". No problem...he just put on the spare. The battery barely started the problem we'll just not shut it off until we get there. Later that night on the 8 hr. return journey, he happened to check the tire and noticed that not one but TWO lug bolts were broken off!! AND they were side by side! STRANDED in Conway again at 2:30 in the morning. We very carfully pulled into an all-night quick stop, jacked up the wheel, beat out the broken lug bolts and rearranged the remaining 3 into a triangle formation. With this we limped home.

There may actually be somethng to this "morphew curse"!

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