Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Confederate Trivia

Who was the worst dressed officer in the conflict?

Brig. Gen. William E. (Grumble) Jones, Confederacy. He dressed in jeans, hickory shirt and homespun coat.

When Gen. Robert E. Lee crossed the Pennsylvania line into the now ill fated Gettysburg venture, he had 51 generals among his ranks. How many generals after the battle did he return with?

Thirty-four, the rest were killed or captured

Confederate Captain Shade Wooten of the Twenty-seventh North Carolina regiment used the most primitive weapon in the Civil War on three occasions. What was it?

He threw dirt in the face of a would be assailant!

Besides having the enormous confidence of the Confederacy's president, what other possible advantage did Albert Sidney Johnston have in dealing with Davis?

Johnston had saved President Davis's life in the Mexican War

Trans-Mississippi . What was it?

A vast area west of the Mississippi River which included Missouri, Arkansas, western Louisiana, Texas and Indian Territory under command of Confederate Kirby Smith.

Confederate Roll Call

Here is an old print of the roll call as an artist remembered it. Cool... see they got up BEFORE the sun was up.
One can buy this print at All

When not in battle, which was at least three quarters of the time, the average soldier's day began at 5 A.M. in the summer and 6 A.M. in the winter, when he was awakened by reveille. After the first sergeant took the roll call, the men ate breakfast then prepared for their first of as many as five drill sessions during the day. Here the men would learn how to shoot their weapons and perform various maneuvers. Drill sessions lasted approximately two hours each and, for most men, were exceptional exercises in tedium. One soldier described his days in the army like this: "The first thing in the morning is drill. Then drill, then drill again. Then drill, drill, a little more drill. Then drill, and lastly drill."

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Morphew Curse

Colonel Sanders had mentioned the "Morphew Curse" in what I thought was jest, several times on our (Col,Tom, and Preston) trek toward Shiloh 07. He spoke in hushed tones about that everytime Tom rides with an unfortunate victim his transportation mysteriously breaks down and you are STRANDED!!! He mentioned a $2,000 transmission and stranded in Forrest City! A perfectly good tailgate was ripped from its hinges on Gen Huckabees fine truck at Corinth when Tom and his cohorts rode on it! Stranded-Prestons car blew a wheel bearing in Conway! He intimated that many more such occurances were still untold.

Sure enough, we had only been onsite for a few hours when Col Sanders horse trailer door flew open when he was taking it to the parking area and was unfixably bent! After the event, Col Sanders went to pickup his truck and the left rear tire was "flatter then a fritter". No problem...he just put on the spare. The battery barely started the problem we'll just not shut it off until we get there. Later that night on the 8 hr. return journey, he happened to check the tire and noticed that not one but TWO lug bolts were broken off!! AND they were side by side! STRANDED in Conway again at 2:30 in the morning. We very carfully pulled into an all-night quick stop, jacked up the wheel, beat out the broken lug bolts and rearranged the remaining 3 into a triangle formation. With this we limped home.

There may actually be somethng to this "morphew curse"!

Local Hero Saves Friend

Tom Morphew and his loyal companion Leonard Hartsfield went on the tremendously taxing tactical at Shiloh! Sometime during the the confusion...Leonard attempted a creek crossing. He slipped and fell in with a huge splash! The water was COLD. Much to his surprise he could not rise up from the water no mater how hard he tried! His feet were trapped under some underwater brush!!! Leonard splashed about vainly trying to save himself. Visions of a watery grave flashed before his eyes! Not to worry Leonard...Tom has spied your predicament! Tom, without regard for his personal safety plunged in the freezing water and came to Leonards rescue! Col Sanders who had heard the screams for help...had jumped his horse back across the creek and charged headlong in the bushes that were so thick that a dog would have to back up to bark! He arrived just in time to see Toms act of heroism. Now Leonard owes Tom...big time. It makes one proud to be a part of a group of "brothers" such as these! Too bad we dont have medals that could be awarded.

Brad Brought A Friend

Brad Hartsfield brought his fellow firefighter and friend John-John to the Shiloh reenactment.
John-John said that he had an "awesome" experience and he wants to join us some more. They all went on the tactical and fought hard, built bridges, walked miles and froze their !@# off. Fun stuff.

Thanks Brad...if everyone brought a friend we'd have a 30 man company again!

Chilly Macintosh

"When you first saw the light it was said of you, a man child is born. You must prove today whether or not this saying of you was true. The sun that hangs over our head has no death- no end of days. It will continue indefinately to rise and to set. But with you it is different, man must die sometime and since he must die he can find no nobler death than that which overtakes him while fighting for his home, his fires and his country."

Colonel Chilly Macintosh addressing his troops before the battle of Honey Springs

Kurtis Kannon

Our ol Kaptain was showing off his muscles at Pleasant Hill a few years back. I didnt know he was that strong

Toothpick pics

All photos used in the Toothpick will be uploaded to this album. From there you can get a print or see a slide show etc. See the link "Toothpick Pics" under "Essential Links" on right of the page.

Matt to be Pharmacist

Matthew Krull will be a bona fide Pharmacist in May! Congratulations! Please know that we in the 3rd are very proud of you and your accomplishments!

Dont ever change...those plaid trousers that is.

Some reenactments in 07


24 General Patrick Cleburne memorial service, Helena, AR

7 CSA Flag Day memorial service, State Capitol lawn, Little Rock, AR
13-15 Battle of Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill, LA (massive pyrotechnics, not to be missed)
27-29 Battle of Marks Mill, Fordyce, AR 7th AR max effort (Confederate)

4-6 Battle of Chalk Bluff, St. Francis, AR
19 Artillery & infantry demos, Wolf House, Norfork, AR

1-3 Battle of Pittsfield, Pittsfield, Illinois
8-10 Battlefire, Tribbey, OK

20-22 1850's Tulip Academy - location TBA (reenactors assist as requested)

3-4 Mammoth Spring State Park, AR, living history & skirmish

8-9 Battle of Little Rock, Little Rock, AR (event is in planning stages)
14-16 Battles at Old Greenville, MO
21-23 Battle of Fort Davidson, Pilot Knob, MO
28-30 Battles at Pocahontas, AR -

5-7 Battles at Burton Sugar Farm, Michigan City, MS (30 miles east of Memphis)
12-14 Battle of Columbus-Belmont, Columbus-Belmont State Park, Columbus, KY
20 Cooper Park, Mountain Home, AR artillery demos & skirmish
26-28 Battle of Pea Ridge, Bentonville, AR Trans-Mississippi Brigade event - max effort

2-4 Battles at Old Washington, AR

1-2 Battle of Talequah, OK

The Return of the Leonard

Leonard Hartsfield has been away...far away in Tennessee. But he has seen the light and decided to pack up the fami-lee to move back to Gods country...good ol Rackinsac. He will move to Helena first. Then when his house is sold in Tennesse he will begin looking for a new home somewhere north of Conway. There is some pretty country up there. I remember we did a reenactmet at Wooly Hollow up there once and it was beautiful. I guess we will begin seeing more of ol "BULL". hmmm. I wonder how he got that nickname...even Col Sanders calls him that.

Leonard has been responsible for many "sayings" that run rampant in the 3rd. Like..."what de other one is?", "I dun been sconed","is i'm lyin?", "cant make no noise" and the famous "dun burnt up now".

3rd at Prairie Grove 06

Here are some good shots of the ol 3rd at Prairie Grove 06. Harold Windles wife thought he looked rather retarded in the "captured" shot. ha ha I think he does too.


Seeing red at Manassas

Here is the 3rd at Manassas...lots of red battle shirts. Whats wrong with Tuckers hands? Looks like one is on upside down. Where is PL? I think thats his hat behind Cpt to Andrews hat.

More 3rd Ark Veterans graves listed

If someone gets the opportunity, it would sure be nice to have photos of these veterans that Josh and Bryan located for us.

Dear Mr. Ware,

Josh Williams and I were visiting the Tulip Cemetery on Tuesday, and came across a 3rd Arkansas Grave. There are actually 2 stones, although none are the military markers. We did not have a camera with us at the time and do not have a photo to send.

Main Stone:
James H. Kelly
Nov 15 1836 June 23 1917
[unreadable inscription]
"While the Earth Remaineth
See time and Harvest Shall not cease"

Foot Stone [small, modern square stone laying flat and in the ground]:
James W. Kelley
Pvt Co. I 3 Ark Inf
Confederate States of America
Nov 16 1836 Jun 22 1917

To reach the cemetery, Take Arkansas HWY 9 to Tulip. There will be a sign on the highway to direct you to the cemetery. Driving south into Tulip, the cemetery will be on the right. Driving North into Tulip, the cemetery will be on the left. Follow the road, and when it forks, take the left fork, you will be able to see the cemetery from the fork. The cemetery will be located behind the Tulip Methodist Church. When you walk into the cemetery, the stone will be several rows ahead on the right side.


Bryan D. McDade
Historic Washington State Park

Visit online: ;


Our ol General Huckabee got his jacket idea from General Mahone. He was once a stable boy but rose to be one the best Confederate Generals.

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Sgt P.L makes a Medical Card

the good Sgt PL in his quest to care for us....has created a medical card that should be completed and placed behind your tins in your cartridge box. This simple act could save your life. I had a situation at a national event where one of ours passed out and we didnt have any medical information or the ability or knowledge to call his wife! Fill em out. Preston

I have a medical form that I will be passing out to each of our guys in the 3rd and 2nd. It is very important that you fill this out and place this in your cartridge box. I had one the 3rd Ark had a long time ago,I thought it was a good idea then, & I think it is a good idea now. This could save your life. I will make it a requirement for you to have this on you at each event. Not only as your 1stSgt but as an old ex paramedic/ current for the last time EMT I don't want just be standing there like a dummy when I can get to the information and pass it to the medical personel.

1stSgt "P"

3rd Goes to Shiloh

The 3rd Ark went to Shiloh TN last week. It was tremendous fun! We all went out on the march with Col Sanders. It was extremely tough...but fun not soon to be forgotten! Matt Krull's wife Amanda took a good photo of parts of the 3rd in Action!!

Greetings Pilgrims

Greetings and welcome to the new 3rd Arkansas Toothpick blog! Hopefully this new technology can be used as a electronic newsletter to communicate, share pics and ideas between 3rd Ark members.
A blog is like a website except you can post comments etc.

Lets give it a try! Preston Ware