Sunday, April 1, 2007

Civil War reenactor suffers real wound on Anderson battlefield

ANDERSON, S.C. --History says the Battle of Anderson County was fought in May 1865 with no Confederate casualties. One participant in Saturday's reenactment wasn't so lucky.

The battle recreation had to be stopped for about 30 minutes after a Confederate cavalryman with the Laurens Orphans suffered a gunpowder burn to the leg and a cut that appeared to need stitches, said Allen Ashley, commander of the John Thomas Ashley Camp No. 43 in Honea Path.
"This is the first time this has happened," Ashley said. "We've never had one wounded in the field. It's a freak accident."
Gunpowder and wadding are used in the weapons during the reenactment, which can injure anyone close to the muzzle when the weapon is fired, Union reenactor Chris Darden said.
"In close combat, you have to raise your gun up and go over their heads," Darden said.
The Battle of Anderson County was fought May 1, 1865, nearly a month after General Robert E. lee surrendered his troops at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. It is considered by some historians the last fighting of the Civil War east of the Mississippi River.
No Confederates were injured in the battle, while the Union suffered two casualties.

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