Friday, October 5, 2007

Report Of The Action In The Indian Territory

When General Huckabee heard there was a Federal wagon
train moving along to re-supply Ft. Gibson, he
mobilized the brigade to go intercept the wagons and
return the much needed supplies to Arkansas. It was a
long forced march and the brigade, finally reached the
area around Cabin Creek on the 28th. Some men did
straggle in on the morning of the 29th. The marvh took
quite a toll on the men, and many men couldn't keep
up. The 3rd only had 9 men to fight with. John
'Shopdog; Shoptaw was promoted by the Sgt. Major to be
captain and I was assigned 1st Sergeant duties. We had
Pvt. 'Biscuit' and his brother 'Croissant', Pvt. Joey
Mills, Pvt. Jimmy Walker, Pvt. Leonard Hartsfield,
Pvt. Stephen Wright, and Pvt. Tom Morphew. After a
heavy drill, the men were allowed to rest. Not long
after the rest had been given, scouts reported the
wagon train in sight and the 1st Arkansas led by Col.
Sanders, and a company of the 1st Missouri led by Col.
Amend moved in to position to ambush the yanks. The
battle was a stunning success and we proceeded to
capture the wagons, and drive the Yankees from the
field with few losses of our own. Gen. Huckabee was
very pleased and he allowed the men to enjoy what was
in the wagons. The men of the 3rd did just that. Our
men were seen eating bacon, eggs, beans, and bacon and
eggs, and drinking real coffee. I'm still waiting to
get my peaches. Privates Morphew and Hartsfield found
a wagon with beer; however, and proceeded to disappear
with it immediately after the fight. It took the Sgt.
Major all night to find them and bring them back to
camp. During some evening festivities, some Yankees
sent out a scouting party that was easily repulsed,
but more of an annoyance. Through numerous sources, it
was heard the yankees were massing in Springfield, Mo
preparing for an invasion of Arkansas. Gen. Huckabee
left the evening of the 29th to prepare for the
brigade's return to Arkansas leaving command to Col.
Sanders. The men hadThe Yankees re-grouped and must
have received re-enforcements that night after the
skirmish. They attacked us as we were heading back to
Arkansas. The men were full of fight and promptly
attacked being led by Maj. Alexander. the battalion
was giving them what 'fer until the yanks pulled in a
battery of artillery. We were forced to retire, but we
retired in good order. The men of the 3rd covered the
retreat of the entire brigade and was the last unit
off the field. Privates Morphew, Walker, and Wright
were all wounded in the fight, yet they still were
ready to give the yankees all they had.  The artillery
was too great and we ended up leaving the field and
some of the wagons to the yanks. We did manage to
empty those wagons we left so the yanks had nothing.
We are now marching to NW Ark in the area of Elk Horn
Tavern to await the yankee invasion. I overheard Col.
Sanders say he was expecting it to be around the end
of the month. All passes will be revoked and the
battalion has ordered all men to return to their
posts. It shouldn't be so bad, I hear there will be
supplies and possibly a payroll waiting for us in

In Service of the South,

Matt Krull

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Battle of Bald Knob Missouri

    Pvt. Sevier and I once again represented the 3rd Arkansas in a magnificent bloody battle.  We joined ranks with the 7th Arkansas and luckily survived the horrendous slaughter that the blue devils from the North poured on the boys in Missouri.  General Sterling Price led us bravely into the onslaught and we assaulted the fort several times before a majority of us fell.  I heard from a newspaper man that nearly 1,500 of us Southerners were killed in the battle and only 184 Yankees fell. What a shame but we can hold our heads high because this only demonstrates again that we are brave and scared of little and heroic in our attempts to drive these invaders from our land.  Here are a few pictures that a photographer took of us. This is a different kind of tintype invention and looks like a good way to take pictures.  Salute to the men of the 3rd.  See you all soon. . D.L.  David Loper

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Fwd: Battle at Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob, Missouri

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