Monday, April 23, 2007

Keeping warm

The Spoon and the Taco
Many times, Civil War events can get downright nipply. What can you do to help prevent your sleeping area from becoming an ice box? Well, you could do what I do. Namely, spoon with your pards. This technique involves packing in tight with your homeys and sharing bodily warmth. Homophobia is nice, but it won't keep you warm at night. Now, what do you do when you have no pards with which to spoon? I propose a technique that I have named The Taco. What you do is:
1) Lay down a ground cloth. This will keep you dry. If you don't have a gum blanket (shame on you) you can try a shelter half. Personally, I save my shelter half for my feet.
2) Lay down all your blankets. You would be surprised how much heat your body loses to the ground. Having a blanket (or several) underneath you will keep you warmer than having all your blankets on top of you. In this case all your blankets will go under you (at first.)
3) Lie down. (Did you think you were going to stand all night?)
4) Grab one edge of the mass of stuff you are lying on and pull it completely over you. You should wind up lying on one half of the pile and under the other half. Otherwise you did something wrong and you probably are a degenerate. Do you see what you have done? You have effectively doubled the amount of cover for yourself. If you have two blankets and one ground cloth, let's say, then you are lying on one ground cloth and two blankets and also under two blankets and one ground cloth. The blankets under you will help hold in warmth from the ground, and the ground cloth over top of you will keep out the wind. You don't have as much wiggle room, but it will keep you warmer. Make sure you don't pull the closed end of the taco too tightly. This keep heat from escaping directly through the blankets. It's also a good idea to tuck your feet in to keep them warm. I like to use my shelter half to tuck in my feet. It keeps the wind out pretty well, and there is enough of it to get good coverage. If your camp has a fire, sleep next to it with the open side of the taco towards it for convection heating.
I got this off another website that didn't have the author's if any knows who wrote this please post their name so we can regonize them.

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