Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hoods Brigade apperance

Hood's Brigade as they appeared in May, 1863:

"May 6.  They have been down on the Blackwater towards No[r]folk; and are on their way back to Gen. Lees army. We can hear their Band playing "Old John Brown came tearing out of the Wilderness."
I stop to see them and here I find my brother Hale Foster [a member of the 4th Texas band] -- he is bare footed carrying a frying pan and a blanket.
Taken all together they are the hardest lot of men I ever met -- If this is soldiering, then it is certain we have not seen any yet -- These men have no baggage wagons -- Carry all their baggage and cooking utensils on their backs, and are not burdened at that.
-- Bare footed men are plenty -- some were bare headed -- some had pieces of clothing on. Some had a piece of meat sticking on his Bayonett [sic]. Some had his frying pan stuck on his gun barrel -- as a convenient way to carry it." excerpt from a 24th Texas soldiers diary

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