Saturday, April 7, 2007

You might be a civil war reenactor if...

> If you drive by some open land and think "what a great place for a
> battle".........
> If you've made a vehicle purchase decision based on how well it can
> accomodate your tent poles.........yep
> If your $20,000 vehicle sits out in the bad weather so your $200
> tent can
> stay in the garage.......
> If most of your clothes you own went out of style over 135 years
> ago.......
> yep
> If you've ever worn wool when the temperature tops 100F
> repeatedly.......
> yep
> If you've ever made a career decision based on its impact on your
> reenacting weekends.......
> If you've ever uttered the phrase "only 68 more days till our next
> event".......
> If there are half completed sewing projects decorating your
> furniture.......
> If you have better war stories than your grandfather.........
> If your friends refuse to attend any historic movie dramas with
> you......... yep. Family too.
> If your kids can and do correct their history teachers....... yep
> If your mailman is confused as to what rank you hold in the
> reserves.......
> If your birthday and Christmas wish list read like a quartermaster's
> request for supplies....... yep
> If you can spot 100% wool at 30 yards....... yep

If the only sewing machine you'll allow in your home was made before
the turn of the last century.

If you name your cat "Shiloh" because Manassas, Antietam, and
Appomattox just aren't suitable names for a cat.

If you wear those funny looking glasses all the time.

If you grow your hair and/or beard in 19th century styles.

If your idea of a dream vacation is to go to Andersonville on
Memorial Day.

If you plan all other activities around re-enacting season.

If April 15 has more significance to you than the deadline for filing
your taxes.

If your "favorite sellers" list on ebay is composed of those who sell
re-enactment supplies and Civil War artifacts.

If you would rather sleep on the ground and suffer from the heat and
cold than spend a weekend at Disneyworld.

If you go to bed at night and fall asleep thinking about how you can
make your impression more realistic.

If you build a firepit in your back yard so you can practice cooking
new recipes over an open fire.

If you go to a lot of garage sales and flea markets looking for
original equipment.

If all of your computer passwords contain the names of Civil War

If you listen to CD's of bugle calls in your vehicle.

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