Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mascots of the War

"Major," a mutt for the 10th Maine, (later reorganized as the 29th Maine) had a habit of snapping at Confederate minie balls in flight. Unfortunately, he caught one and died. During engagements, "Major" would bark and growl ferociously until the battle was over.
Gen. Robert E. Lee kept a hen as a pet and was rewarded with a egg laid under his cot each morning for his breakfast. The hen was displaced during the Gettysburg battle, causing much consternation until she was found. She was placed on the headquarters wagon for the retreat.

The 3rd Louisiana CSA, had a donkey in its midst. The donkey would push into the commander's tent and try to sleep with him, mistaking the officer for his original owner.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis's dog was also named Traveler.
Soldiers of the Richmond Howitzers kept a number of gamecocks as pets. The Battalion also kept a dog, "Stonewall, " who was much admired by the artillerymen. Stonewall was given rides in the safety of a limber chest during battle. He was taught to attend roll call, sitting on his haunches in line.

The 43rd Mississippi Infantry kept a camel named Douglas, which was killed by a minie ball during the seige of Vicksburg,

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