Wednesday, May 23, 2007


 I stand here on this dusty road,                  My General, Marse Robert,
My rifle by my side.                                    He led us very well.
They say we must surrender                        I know that if he asked us to,
And yet I'm filled with pride.                       We would follow him through hell.
 In knowing deep within my heart,              Although, this day will surely be,
 I gave my Southland all,                            The worst for our brave men.    
 Like every man who took up arms            At least we'll all be going home,
And answered Freedoms' call.                   To be with Kith and Kin.
 I've worn the gray most proudly                 Throughout the years that follow,
And loved our banners dear.                      This tragic fateful day,
 To give them up and walk away,               We'll be proud of our fair flag
The thought brings me to tears.                   And how we wore the gray.
—Lee W Murdock Sr

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