Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Battle of Bald Knob Missouri

    Pvt. Sevier and I once again represented the 3rd Arkansas in a magnificent bloody battle.  We joined ranks with the 7th Arkansas and luckily survived the horrendous slaughter that the blue devils from the North poured on the boys in Missouri.  General Sterling Price led us bravely into the onslaught and we assaulted the fort several times before a majority of us fell.  I heard from a newspaper man that nearly 1,500 of us Southerners were killed in the battle and only 184 Yankees fell. What a shame but we can hold our heads high because this only demonstrates again that we are brave and scared of little and heroic in our attempts to drive these invaders from our land.  Here are a few pictures that a photographer took of us. This is a different kind of tintype invention and looks like a good way to take pictures.  Salute to the men of the 3rd.  See you all soon. . D.L.  David Loper

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